How do I setup Firefox to use Sportsoft Secure SSL proxies?

We recommend FoxyProxy as an easy alternative way to manage your proxy settings.

Note that unlike normal proxy server providers, Sportsoft provides secure SSL proxy servers that encrypts the connection between the browser and the proxy server. Following these instructions are the only way to enable SSL/TLS encryption to the proxy.

  1. Start Firefox and type about:preferences#advanced in the navigation bar. Press Enter.
    Firefox Advanced Settings

  2. Click on the Network tab.

  3. Click on the Settings button next to “Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet”.
    Firefox Proxy Settings

  4. Tick the Automatic proxy configuration URL radio button and enter the URL provided for you by your proxy account. The auto configuration URL provided will change depending on your choice of proxy region and account settings.

  5. Click OK and browse a new site.

  6. You will be prompted for a proxy user name and password - enter your provided login details.

Congratulations, you are now using our secure SSL proxy to surf the web!